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Boze Elementary receives 10 Robiis Donation Pledge!

The first Robiis donation goes to: Boze Elementary!

Thanks to the generous contribution of one of our early supporters, Boze Elementary received the first donation pledge of 10 Robiis Starter Kits. The 10 Robiis kits will be enough for an entire classroom of 20 to 30 children. Play Works Studio started collaborating with Boze Elemetnary in 2015, running a 3 week workshop and study with first grade students. The results of the study were very positive; children loved playing and learning with Robiis.

CONCLUSION of the study: Playing with Robiis significantly decreased the difference in perception of boys’ and girls’ efficacy with robots, an indicator of a reduction in STEM-gender stereotypes.

Summary of Conclusions:

A three-week intervention using the Robiis curriculum in an authentic educational setting:

- Significantly improved children’s self-efficacy with robots, especially among girls.
- Significantly improved the perception of girl’s efficacy with robots, while having no significant effect on the perception of boy’s efficacy with robots.
- Significantly reduced the gap in perceived efficacy with robots between girls and boys, an indicator of a reduction of the STEM-gender gap.
- Did not significantly change children’s sentiment that robots are fun.

Working in collaboration with Shoshanna Cohen we created 1st grade lesson plans aligned with common core for:

- A basic programming lesson
- A storytelling (reading and writing) lesson
- A math story problem lesson

We will be making those lessons available for free on our site. Please check the Educators link for more information.



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