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Olmsted Academy South, an all-girls school in Louisville, KY received 3 Robiis kits!

Thanks to the generosity of Nan Avant, an award winning composer, Olmsted Academy South received a donation of 3 Robiis Starter Kits. Avant has been a supporter and collaborator of Robiis and the Play Works Studio team for several years.

Recently, Avant was in Louisville for the premier of the piece "The Celtic Winds Suite" which was commissioned for the Olmsted Academy South. In Avant's words "It was an extremely rewarding experience. It wasn’t until I got there that I felt the impact of what this all meant, not only to myself as a female composer but to the young ladies in this band, and also in the school."

We at Play Works Studio are very proud to support Olmsted Academy South in their mission to empower women and to provide them with opportunities in the arts and sciences.

We want to sincerely thank Nan Avant for her commitment and for being an inspiring role model for young women.


A little more about Olmsted Academy South from their website:
- Provides a young women’s leadership academy with pathways in the arts and technology.
-Offers engaging related arts classes, including band, chorus, orchestra, art, advanced art, Spanish, topics in leadership, and robotics.
- Provides opportunities for after-school student involvement through an extensive offering of clubs, academic teams, athletic teams, and service projects.
- Olmsted offers young women a cooperative, supportive environment that builds confidence, leadership skills, and academic proficiency."


A little more about Nan Avant from her website:

"Nan Avant’s “Bijoux” explores interstellar clouds of swirling gasses as they mass together and form stars. Its opening phrases beautifully communicate a sense of marvel. By Jason Victor Serinus Special to The Seattle Times.“

“In "Tributum," Avant masterfully blends ethnic Celtic instruments with symphony orchestra to create a wonderfully moving work. Her majestic melodies and lush orchestrations transport the listener to the British Isles – it is an aural voyage worth taking.~ Hummie Mann, two time Emmy Award-winning composer."


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