Robiis teach coding to everyone!
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We are playtesting Robiis at the Pacific Science Center! May 6-8

For the last three years, Play Works Studio has been collaborating with the Stereotypes, Identity, & Belonging Lab (SIBL) at the University of Washington on the Paws On Sciences exhibit, which takes place at the Pacific Science Center. This year, Robiis and SIBL are back at the Pacific Science Center, playtesting the latest robots games and also running a study. It has been a great collaboration and we look forward to making a difference in the futures of our young kids. The first step is to understand the hidden biases, stereotypes and social pressures that keep girls away from careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Egineering and Math). The second step is to design toys, games, activities, programs and systems that encourage girls to develop skills and interest in science and technology. This is not an easy problem to solve, but we must keep working on solutions one step at a time.


Robiis are little creatures that teach coding to everyone!


A little more about the Stereotypes, Identity, & Belonging Lab (SIBL) from their website:

"In the Stereotypes, Identity, & Belonging Lab (SIBL) at the University of Washington, we are interested in understanding how people's choices and behaviors are shaped by cultural factors, such as stereotypes and social identity. Our lab is primarily concerned with developing and empirically testing theories that inform current social problems, particularly inequality and prejudice, in the hopes of bringing attention to these problems and working towards feasible solutions."

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