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Expansion packs announced!

When we came up with the original idea for Robiis we gained inspiration from experiences that may seem, on first look, incongruent. But that is how creativity works; no idea is truly new, but instead a combination of preexisting concepts.

Robiis is inspired by robots and the original Logo programming language; but Robiis as a game platform is also inspired by board games and collectible card games in which there are rules, superpowers and effects that define the base system, and a collection of new rules that evolve gameplay, make it more interesting and intellectually challenging. We want Robiis to teach kids to think about probabilities and possibilities and thus these inspirations were informative.

Robiis was designed from the beginning with the idea that there would be additional expansion packs for tiles and superpowers, and today we are announcing our first two Tile Expansion Packs. The Spin tile pack and the Turn'n'go tile pack are a collection of turn-based effects. The way Robiis works is such that when the robot finds the center of a tile, it reads it's ID. The robot then sends the ID to the mobile app, which in turn is able to add a new effect and modify the original behavior of the robot. With the addition of new tile effects, new puzzles of higher complexity can be built. In many cases it is much easier to design the puzzle than it is to solve it. The simplest puzzles are fun for young kids but some of the advanced puzzles are challenging for older children and adults. As a family, everyone can play.

Our plan is to involve the community in the design of new tile effects, superpowers and puzzles not only for single-player mode but also in multi-player mode. We believe that the community can come up with interesting ideas that we could not imagine otherwise. The release of these two initial expansion packs is a small step towards that goal.

We hope you'll enjoy building harder, more interesting and fun puzzles and games with the new Robiis expansion packs. We will be releasing new packs soon!

Spin Expansion Pack Turn'n'go Expansion Pack


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