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We've made a difference in the lives of girls and boys! And you can do it too!

Last year we made a difference in the lives of these wonderful young kids at Boze Elementary. This year we want you to join us so we can reach more children and more schools!

You can help us bring more Robiis sets to schools! We want to give children access to the education of the future. We want to teach them about science and technology while they learn other critical skills such as math, reading and collaboration. Our research shows that girls and boys who participated in our program increased their confidence with robots and programming, and most importantly it reduced the gap in perception of competence between girls and boys.

Yes, we can make a difference! And you can too!

Every dollar counts. We've created a donation program in which you can contribute any amount, starting at $5. We will use that money towards the donation of Robiis kits for schools. We offer the donation kits at a discount ($119 + tax and shipping).

Click here to help us. Donate a small amount:


We also offer a 1 kit donation or a 10 kit donation. 10 kits are ideal for a classroom of 20 to 30 children because kids get work together, and they learn important collaboration and communication skills.

Here is our 1 kit donation:


And the 10 kit donation:


Our goal is to complete 10 kit donations for each of the schools in this list:


Can you help us reach our goal?



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