Robiis teach coding to everyone!
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Equal play, equal fun!
Play Works Studio develops science games for girls and boys.

Our mission is to encourage children, especially girls, to discover a passion for science and technology while having fun.

Who We Are

We are a team of scientists, artists, designers, engineers and educators who grew up tinkering, making, exploring, playing with building toys, and being curious. We like to build and have an impact in the world. And we love science.

We started Play Works Studio to design games that encourage children, especially girls, to discover a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We believe that play should be equal and that girls and boys should be encouraged to play and learn together. Our first product is Robiis, a collectable robot gaming platform which supports many game styles while teaching the basics of programming to girls and boys ages 6 and up; children learn concepts such as loops and repeats, if statements and conditionals, functions and subroutines, recursion, etc. Players use a mobile app to program the robots and solve puzzles and challenges of various difficulties. The game boards are built with tiles and they can be arranged in countless different ways to build puzzles. Players learn important STEM skills, like logical, procedural, spatial and probabilistic reasoning, and they learn them in the context of solving problems collaboratively. Most importantly, they are having too much fun to even know they are learning!



Meet The People

Adriana Moscatelli

Adriana Moscatelli: Founder, CEO

Adriana is Play Works Studio's founder. She's been at the forefront of human-computer interaction technology development since the late 90s, designing mobile operating systems such as Nokia’s Series 60, which predated Apple’s iOS. Her experience spans software, hardware and gaming; in 2008 she led the UI redesign of Magic: The Gathering online, the first digital object trading card game. She is the recipient of awards from the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Education.


Jennifer Zubeck: Co-founder, COO

Jennifer Zubeck holds a degree in Product Design Engineering from Stanford University and brings expertise in the product design process, including design, development, manufacturing processes as well as program management of multi-disciplinary teams.  Driven by a passion for quality education, she homeschooled her children through eighth grade.  She is excited to inspire future generations of engineers, scientists and mathematicians by creating fun games for kids, especially girls.

Toshiko Okumura

Toshiko Okumura: VP, Creative

Toshiko has over three decades of experience in the design and game industries. She led a design team as an Art Director for print media at a prestigious design agency and later shifted her focus to digital design during the rise of the Internet. She has extensive experience in Marketing Design, User-Centered Content Design and Online Media. She specializes in Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture and User Interface Design. She is excited to be a part of the team dedicated to help children develop skills to build a bright future.

Shoshanna CohenShoshanna Cohen: Education collaborator
Instructional Coach, Technology Access Foundation

Allison MasterAllison Master, PhD: Psychology Research collaborator
Postdoctoral researcher, Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, University of Washington

Amanda Lee-KopchynskiAmanda Lee-Kopchynski: Education collaborator
Professional Development Program Manager, Technology Access Foundation

Reed AtkinReed Atkin, MBA: Advisor

Versatile marketing professional with experience taking both products and services from concept to market

Holli HarrisHolli Harris: Corporate Strategy & Finance Advisor
Served in a variety of international business development, finance and product development positions.

Mark NewtonMark Newton: Operations Advisor

Over 20 years of program management experience

Katherine ClelandKatherine Cleland: Marketing Advisor
Strategic Marketer, Product Manager, Communications Director, Director of Marketing, Project Manager, Blogger, Social Media, and Adwords and SEO

Dan TebbsDan Tebbs: Electrical Engineering partner
Over 20 years in hardware and software engineering.

Joel DerksenJoel Derksen: Design Partner
Award winning brand designer.

Aira JafarzadehAira Jafarzadeh: Artist
Aira is a talented painter and illustrator who loves nature and children’s art.

Nan AvantNan Avant: Composer collaborator

Music composer for film, concert, animation, documentary and games

We are honored to be funded by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Education.

NSF logo

SBIR Phase I: A robotics-based gaming system for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education

USDE logo

2015 Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) - Phase I

The words of leaders we admire:

"What would you do if you were not afraid?"

-- Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook

"Women and men are going to think differently and collaborate differently about what we are making and why we are doing it. We need those voices in this innovation. We need more technical people in our world and our country."

"Working on kids having hands-on experiences with this stuff and then have them begin to understand how to be not just consumers of technology but how to be makers."

-- Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer of the United States of America

“If you are someone who feels like you might fail at something and you don’t want to do it because of that, just remember me. The vast majority of people that I know in the world, who are incredibly successful, they’ve got this piece in their brain that’s saying, ‘I’m a failure. I’ll always be a failure. I’m not good enough.’ But the reason they’re incredibly successful is they’ve got this piece in their brain that’s says, ‘don’t listen to that part, just go forward. Do stuff. Make a difference. Work hard. Dream.’“

-- Maria Klawe, President, Harvey Mudd College


“Every company needs technology, and yet we’re graduating fewer women technologists. That is not good for society. We have to change it. We all know there’s this leaky pipeline. It starts in elementary school, then middle school, then high school, and so on. I want to figure out the solutions.”

-- Melinda Gates

"Everybody's got to learn to code early. Part of what you have to do is to introduce this with the ABCs and the colors, particularly focusing on girls' participation."

-- Barack Obama

"I'm often asked by parents what advice can I give them to help get their children interested in science? I have only one bit of advice. Get out of their way. Children are born curious... you put things on their midst that help them explore! Help'em explore!"

-- Neil DeGrasse Tyson