Robiis teach coding to everyone!
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What do teachers say?


How do I play Robiis?

Kids use a mobile app to program robots and solve puzzles and challenges! They build game boards with tiles, choose characters, and use accessories and card games to create their own stories puzzles and games! Robiis can be played as a single-player game or as a multi-player game.

What does Robiis teach?

Robiis is a fun robot game aligned with common core standards. Robiis can be used in the classroom to teach subjects such as Fictional Reading, Phonics, Writing/Speaking and Listening, Math, Geometry, Social Studies, Life Sciences, Computer Programming Fundamentals and 21st Century Skills and more! It is up to your imagination! 


Sign up if you want Robiis for your school!
Send the name of your school and contact info to:

Here are the schools that have received donations pledges. The goal is to donate 10 kits to each school!

IMPORTANT: When you donate, make sure to use the school address as the shipping address.


  • Highland Elementary, Highland, MI (received 2 of 10 kits)  
    Attention: Patti Woodruff
    300 W. Livingston Rd
    Highland, MI 48357
    United States
    • A.G. Richardson Elementary School, Culpeper, VA (received 11 of 10 kits!)   
      Attention: Sue Bridges
      18370 Simms Dr
      Culpeper VA 22701
      United States
    • Olmsted Academy South, Louisville, KY (received 3 of 10 kits)   
      Attention: Ms. Allen and Mr. Anderson
      5650 Southern Pkwy
      Louisville KY 40214
      United States
    • White Center Heights Elementary School (received 2 of 10 kits)   
      Attention: Annalisa Moore
      10015 6th Avenue SW
      Seattle, WA 98146
      United States 
    • Shorewood Elementary School (received 3 of 10 kits)  
      Attention: Catherine Gustafson
      2725 SW 116th St.
      Seattle, WA 98146
      United States 
    • Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School (received 0 of 10 kits)   
      Attention: Ms. Marianne Gonzalez
      School Administrator: Ms. Jackie
      9615 20th Ave SW
      Seattle, WA 98106
      United States
    • Boze Elementary School, Tacoma WA (received 10 kits!)
      Attention: Ann Balala
      Boze Elementary School, 1140 E 65th St
      Tacoma WA 98404
      United States
        • Colegio del Sur, Montevideo, Uruguay (received 10 kits!)