Robiis teach coding to everyone!
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How do I play Robiis?

Kids use a mobile app to program robots and solve puzzles and challenges! They build game boards with tiles, choose characters, and use accessories and card games to create their own stories, puzzles and games!
Robiis can be played as a single-player game or as a multi-player game. Check out our Educators section to see our free to download lesson plans.

How do I use the spin tiles?

When a Robii finds a new tile, it reacts to it. The spin tiles make the Robii turn around to the left or to the right. Sometimes the Robii turns 60 degrees, sometimes it turns 120 degrees. Check out this video to learn more.

Now that you know how to use the spin tiles, you can head over to the store and and get the entire collection of spin tiles. Have fun building new puzzles and games!


What does Robiis teach?

Robiis is a fun robot game aligned with common core standards. Robiis can be used in the classroom to teach subjects such as Fictional Reading, Phonics, Writing/Speaking and Listening, Math, Geometry, Social Studies, Life Sciences, Computer Programming Fundamentals and 21st Century Skills and more! It is up to your imagination!